Open APIs have become a powerful catalyst for digital transformation because they offer a rapid proliferation of capabilities and therefore contribute to the realization of business value chains that deliver experiences, processes, or data to where they are needed.

At enableHR, we do HR really well. It’s all we do. We believe that a single software system that tries to do everything, to cover every part of a business, might do most things adequately, but won’t do all of them really well. That’s why we stick to making our HR software the most powerful and flexible available.

While our clients love us for our HR capabilities, they also run other functions such as Payroll and Time & Attendance. We don’t do payroll. We don’t do time and attendance. We do HR.

For our clients it is important that enableHR, as the best-in-class HR software for Australian and New Zealand businesses, can work well with the other systems they are using.

We believe the best approach for businesses is to use a number of best-in-class systems, each extremely good at what it does, and seamlessly integrate them using API to share data.

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