An action endpoint in enableHR OpenAPI is used to submit long running changes to enableHR. A long running change is typically an activity that will change a number of tables and takes more time that a typical CRUD operation.

An action endpoint will return a Location Header with an action status URL. Clients are expected to call this action status URL iteratively till the returned action status is either Failed or Completed.

All action endpoints contain the word actions.

A successful call will return HTTP 202 with an action status URL

{ "actionStatusURL": "{acctId}/action-status/{actionStatusId}" }

List of actions endpoints

All these endpoint return an action status URL.


This action is used to convert a candidate into an employee


This action is to merge two candidates


This action is user to terminate an employee


This action is used to transfer an employee between branches


This call allows the client to determine the status of a previous action. The accountStatusId is the id that was returned when the long running action was called. It is returned in the Location: header on a successful submit of an action

Action Status Fields

idstringThe identifier for the ActionStatusDetail
actionStatusstringEnum: Pending, In_Progress, Completed, Failed
referenceIdstringThe id of the item this action is being performed on e.g. the employee id or the candidate id
referenceTypestringEnum: Employee, Candidate, User. Given the type of the reference id
typestringEnum: Terminate_Employee, Transfer_Employee_Move_Everything, Transfer_Employee_Copy, Transfer_Employee_Move_Everything_No_Trace, Convert_Candidate_To_Employee, Merge_Candidate -type of the original action
dateCreatedUTCstringUTC time of when this action was created (format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)
dateUpdatedUTCstringUTC time of when this action was updated. (format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)
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