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enableHR uses the OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow to issue API access tokens on behalf of users. Please get an understanding of OAuth 2.0 from before proceeding if you are not familiar with the protocols.

Before you can start using the enableHR API you need to get the client credentials for your application.

1. Get client credentials for your application

At this point you will have to contact enableHR via email or phone to get the client credentials for your application

redirect_urithis is the callback URL within your application that will be called after the user has authenticated and authorized access to your application
client_idprovided by enablehr once you provide use the redirect_uri
client_secretprovided by enablehr once provide the redirect_uri

enableHR will provide you the client_id and client_secret via an email or SMS

Keep the client secret safe as this is your password to access our API's


enablehr uses the OpenAPI specifications and uses OpenAPI 3.0 to specify our API.

API Specifications

enableHR API specifications can be found at OR

Language Seleciion

OpenAPI tools allow you to program in any language of your choice. OpenAPI offers tools to allow you to generate code from the OpenAPI specifications. Once you have selected your language the next step will show you how to generate the code in your selected language

Client code generation in your chosen language

The following steps are using the online editor There are build tools available from OpenAPITools that can be incorporated into a build process.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. Copy paste the entire yaml file from into the left pane of
  4. From the menu bar Select Generate Client and select the language that your application will use. You will see a download start that will download a ZIP file containing the client code

Compiling client to create libraries for your chosen language

Unzip the file in an appropriate directory and use the file to identify the steps to build the code for accessing the endpoint.

To use this code you will need to add additional code to extract the OAUTH 2.0 token and provide it to each call of the API.

Use the instructions found in to compile the libraries

Setting up to build you application

Follow the normal process to build your application using your IDE or your build tools.


Please see authentication for further details.

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