Learn how to resolve the most common problems people encounter in the REST API.

If you're encountering some oddities in the API, here's a list of resolutions to some of the problems you may be experiencing.

401 error

The user or client authentication failed. This might be due to token having expired or the user not having sufficient scopes and permissions. (check??)

Use and paste your token there to verify that you have a valid token and appropriates scopes listed in the token

404 error

This error is returned when an accountId or employeeId or candidateId is not found. Use the enablehr website to verify that the id's used in your call are valid for your user.

403 error

The user does not have permissions to access the resource being requested. Use the enablehr website to verify that the user has the appropriate roles (which in turn have permissions associated with them) in enablehr.

500 error

Internal Server Error. Try again a few times and if not resolved, possibly a severe fault and needs to be reported to enableHR support. It is likely that the server is unable to handle your request.

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