TR-20240426 Upgrade - Release Date 26 April 2024
3 Changes

List & Retrieve employee end point now includes Manager information. New end point (Employee Self) to provide more details of employee.

TR-20240315 Upgrade - Release Date 15 March 2024
2 Changes

Two new end points to List notes of an employee and retrieve details of an employee note.

TR-20230901 Upgrade - Release Date 01 September 2023
1 Change

List employees end point now includes employee’s home and work email addresses.

TR-20230705 Upgrade - Release Date 05 July 2023
4 Changes

New end points to retrieve and maintain additional details necessary for Payroll processing that includes Hours Per Week, Pay Rate, Rate Unit, Pay Schedule, Payroll Company and Pay Group for an employee.

Retrieve and Maintain Retirement Savings end points now includes SMSF as a new fund type for AU employees.

TR-20230519 Upgrade - Release Date 19 May 2023
4 Changes

Retrieve, Create and Update endpoints for both Employees and Candidates now includes primary & secondary emergency contacts.

TR-20230428 Upgrade - Release Date 28 April 2023
1 Change

List Employees & Retrieve employee end points now include Candidate to Employee conversion details.

SR-20230324-STP2 Upgrade - Release Date 24 March 2023
2 Changes

Retrieve, Add/Update Tax details endpoints for employees now includes Single Touch Payroll reporting fields along with Study and Training Support Loan.

SR-Chargify-DD/CPI - Release Date 01 July 2022
1 Change

Date filtering support added to use queries on filter parameters for dateCreated and dateUpdated.

Note: Date ranges must be encoded when trying to use the date filters.
Tactical 12 - Release Date 10 November 2021
1 Change

TFN number extracted from the API End point 'Get: Tax Details' can be provided as unmasked with all the numbers visible for the authorised client's user with correct permissions and approved scope.

If need access to TFN details, Client have to sign a authorisation form requesting for it. For more details please reach to

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